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Resilience in the Early Years

Building Better Lives Initiative

Formerly Infant and Maternal Health

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Who are We

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The Building Better Lives Initiative of Franklin County Family and
Children First Council collaborates with local agencies to provide
brain based trauma informed training, consultation, and
implementation support. The initiative began in 2012 with a focus
on increasing brain based, trauma informed knowledge and
practices based on the Neurosequential Model, the Adverse
Childhood Experiences Study (ACEs) and other trauma and
equity focused content. Our program works to integrate and
enhance trauma-competent practices in order to respond to the
complex needs facing our community and build equitable and
resilient systems of care. The BBL initiative consists of a
School/Community Based Team, the Rapid Response Emergency
Addiction Crisis Team (RREACT) and our Resilience in the Early
Years program (REY)

Why We Do It

Stress and adversity can have a detrimental impact on the pregnant mother, and therefore the mother’s baby. In Columbus in 2020, we experienced a rate of 23.8 maternal deaths per 1,000 live births and a rate of 55.3 for non-hispanic Black maternal morbidity. In 2022, the infant mortality rate from January to June was 13.3 total, with non-hispanic white at 3.7, compared to 20 for non-hispanic Black per 1,000 births. This racial disparity is continuously growing. One in ten children within Ohio have experienced three or more adverse childhood experiences, placing them in a category of especially high risk ( At BBL, our goal is to significantly reduce the negative birth outcomes we are seeing in our community. When agencies who work with mothers and children have an understanding of trauma, and of how the brain develops and responds to adversity or stress, they have more tools and capacity to support the families they serve. Not only is this beneficial for families, it can help to mitigate or minimize secondary trauma and workplace stress that can lead to burnout in these helping professions. We offer a space to enhance the mental health and well-being of families and the staff working with them. Partnership with BBL encourages supportive relationships between supervisors and their supervisees to create brain-friendly work spaces. We have found that our program serves as a backbone to other agencies in facilitating connections and collective impact. Within our community agencies, we have seen huge success in partners linking together and sharing resources, leading to continuity of care. If you would like to connect or learn more, please reach out!



Our training curriculum is brain-based and moves participants from “trauma-informed” to “trauma-competent.”

Topics include ACEs & Resilience, Historical Trauma, the Stress Response System, and Strategies for Regulation.

Group Sessions

We will meet with you directly in order to provide feedback, process situations, offer technical assistance, and support with implementation of brain-based trauma-informed concepts.

1:1 Coaching

Similarly to 1:1 Coaching, work is conducted collaboratively with the team to process situations, support implementation of brain-based, trauma informed concepts into daily work.

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Upcoming Events 

Building Resilience
in the Midst of Trauma

This Brain-Based, Trauma Informed Approach is a FREE training featuring Brain Science and methods of building resilience. Training is offered monthly. In-person and Virtual options available.


OCCRA, OMHAS, & DODD credits available (6hrs training).

Learn More and Enroll by clicking the link below.

What We Offer

Monthly Newsletter



What is Coaching?

Coaching is tailored to your individual or agency needs, supporting your goals in ways that are effective and efficient for you.


Coaching is collaborative, confidential, creative and provides support that is relevant to your role.


Meetings can be delivered both virtually or in person

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Join us for a free lunch and learn on the third Tuesday of the month where we discuss one brain-based trauma competent concept and apply it to the Infant & Maternal Health field.

Building Resilience in the Early Years

Foundational concepts are divided into three segments, taking a deeper look into core knowledge. These workshops are divided as:

  • Templates & Experiences

  • Regulation & Relationships

  • ACEs & Resilience


In these sessions, participants will discuss challenges they are facing in their work. They will collaborate and use creativity to problem solve and support one another, providing insight and strategies. Conversations with incorporate a brain-based, trauma-informed lens and participants will also build community and network with others in the field.



Schedule a consultation with Farheen to discuss what coaching is, challenges you may be facing in your work, how our program can best understand your agencies goals and adapt and tailor services to support your goals.

Screening A Black Woman's Story

In these sessions, we will view a day in the life of Nina, an African American woman in her third trimester as she navigates daily stressors and the inequities beneath them.
Following the film, we will hold a discussion to explore the implications these stressors have as well as how professionals can build on this knowledge to create better systems and programming for African American pregnant persons.

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Resilience Coach 
in the Early Years

Prenatal - 5yrs

Farheen Kapra

I am an Attorney at Law, an Education Specialist and Ohio Approved (OA)Instructor. I practiced civil rights law from 2001 to 2010, focusing primarily on women’s and children’s rights. Since 2012, I have been engaged in work in the field of Education (early education and K-12), as an education specialist and trainer, enabling and enhancing the education workforce to better meet the needs of children and families they serve.

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