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Franklin Co. Family and Children First Council

Request For Proposals (RFP)


Early Intervention Service Coordination

May 2024

Bidders' Conference will be held on May 6th at 11am via Zoom. 

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Who We Are

Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

The mission of Franklin County Family and Children First Council(FCFC) is to increase the access, capacity and effectiveness of services for the most vulnerable Franklin County youth and their families. Our guiding values explain how we work with children and families to fulfill this mission.

What We Do

Making A Difference


Building Better Lives Initiative

Helping The Community

A community-wide initiative to prevent child abuse and neglect in Franklin County.  BBL encourages everyone providing services to children and families to understand the impact that complex developmental trauma has on a child’s brain, learning, and behavior – and to adopt strategies that support a child’s healthy development and improve their educational, vocational and health-related outcomes.


Multisystem Care Teams

Helping Families Through Collaborative Coordination

Multisystem care teams use a collaborative approach to help families with children who have multiple needs.  We connect  agencies, people and services to work with families to develop a coordinated plan of care.  A team approach helps to organize services to better meet the specific and unique needs of families.  We help families get the support they need to achieve the things that are important to them.  

Playing with Toys

Help Me Grow and Early Intervention

One Step at a Time

Both Help Me Grow and Early Intervention are grounded in the philosophy that young children learn best from familiar people in familiar settings. Your providers work with you in your home or other places you and your family spend time to best use your existing supports and resources—and build upon them—to learn to enhance your child’s learning and development.

People Clapping

Partnership 4 Success

A Collective Impact

A collective impact backbone entity designed to organize, align and mobilize stakeholders and providers. Together, we create a holistic approach that benefits children, families, and ultimately, entire communities.

Stay in the Know

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