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A designated space to try out strategies, ideas, concepts and new Recipes for Resilience and Regulation – with the support of a trauma-informed community!  

2-hour sessions, offered twice a week. Drop in when you can, stay as long as you’d like. BBL team members will set the table with the ingredients of brain-based and trauma-competent concepts, and then provide space for participants to play with their own recipes for resilience and regulation. Together we will discover, experiment and offer feedback in a supportive and trauma-competent setting. We will share resources, websites, books and more so that you can have something to take back to your work.


Beyond a “sit and get” training, these sessions will challenge participants to bring examples from their own setting, wrestle with the application, and provide helpful feedback. Innovative ideas, approaches and strategies are welcomed and encouraged. This is the place to try it out! 

Sessions are free and are designed for individuals who have completed the Building Better Lives Foundations and Applications Training Sessions previously offered in the Special Training Series. 


By signing up, you will receive email notifications of upcoming “BBL Test Kitchen” Sessions and Topics, as well as periodic snapshots and helpful tools gathered from the weekly sessions.  

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