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You have learned the basics of Brain Science in Foundations. You have learned the 5 Resilience factors and the use of the 6-R's in building resilience in Applications. Now it's time to put this knowledge to use with Integration! 

Using a new training workbook, the Integration Series will build upon the concepts taught in Foundations and Application. Participants will engage with reflection questions, specific skill development, organizational leadership, equity and intergenerational trauma, and learn how to integrate brain-based, trauma-informed concepts into every aspect of serving children and families.

What is the Integration Series?

In the video below, Jesse will explain how the Integrations Series will look and preview the workbook. He will show how the workbook can help Integrate Brain Science into your work. (Please note: Dates and Times for this series have changed. See the correct dates below.)

How can I get a Workbook?

You can signup for the Integration Series and order your workbook to be delivered right to your door. Each participant will receive ONE free workbook if they have completed at least one of our Trainings (Foundations or Applications) since 2021. Please use the links below to sign-up and request your workbook if you have not yet received one. 

Integrations Series Schedule

Sessions will be every other Friday from 2 - 3 pm starting on Friday, April 21st. (There will be a break in July, see dates below.) If you are unable to attend all sessions, please join us when you can, you are not required to attend all 9 sessions.


  • Friday April 21st - Session 1

  • Friday May 5th - Session 2

  • Friday May 19th - Session 3

  • Friday June 2nd - Session 4

  • Friday June 16th - Session 5 

  • Friday June 30th - Session 6

  • Friday July 14th - No Session 

  • Friday July 28th - Session 7

  • Friday August 11th - Session 8

  • Friday August 25th - Session 9

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