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Resilience in the Early Years

Building Better Lives Initiative

Formerly Infant and Maternal Health

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Newborn Baby

How does trauma informed care relate to Infant and Maternal Health and Home Visiting?

Equip, Support and Empower Your Agency with Brain-Based, Trauma-Competent Training and Resilience Skills

Stress has an impact on the pregnant mother, and therefore the mother’s baby. Understanding the impact of stress and supporting a healthy birth experience is foundational in ensuring a safe and healthy pregnancy, birthing experience, and a child reaching their first birthday.

Home Visitors support parents and caregivers in the community and must have an understanding of the impact of trauma and stress on the parent and caregiver, as well as themselves in their work. Home Visitors must recognize the implications of secondary trauma and burnout in their work.

A brain-based, trauma- competent lens makes the connections between stress and trauma on everyday interactions between the caregivers, parents, and home visitors to enhance strategies and build resilience and competence within the families as well as the home visitor.



Our training curriculum is brain-based and moves participants from “trauma-informed” to “trauma-competent.”

Topics include ACEs & Resilience, Historical Trauma, the Stress Response System, and Strategies for Regulation.

Group Sessions

We will meet with you directly in order to provide feedback, process situations, offer technical assistance, and support with implementation of brain-based trauma-informed concepts.

1:1 Coaching

Similarly to 1:1 Coaching, work is conducted collaboratively with the team to process situations, support implementation of brain-based, trauma informed concepts into daily work.

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Upcoming Events 

Building Resilience
in the Early Years

A three-month workshop breaking down Foundational concepts. In-person training taking place at the Whitehall Library. (Limit 24 participants. Please only sign up if able to commit, a waitlist is available.)

Part One:

Templates and Experiences

January 27th, 2023
9:30 am - 11:30 am

Part Two:

Regulation and Relationships

February 24th, 2023
9:30 am - 11:30 am

Part Three:

ACEs and Resilience

March 31st, 2023
9:30 am - 11:30 am

Ways to Engage

Trauma & Pregnancy

Monthly Newsletter and Blog



What is Coaching?

Coaching is tailored to your individual or agency needs, supporting your goals in ways that are effective and efficient for you.


Coaching is collaborative, confidential, creative and provides support that is relevant to your role.


Meetings can be delivered both virtually or in person

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Babbles & Bites

Join us for a free lunch and learn on the third Tuesday of the month where we discuss one brain-based trauma competent concept and apply it to the Infant & Maternal Health field.

Building Resilience in the Early Years

Foundational concepts are divided into three segments, taking a deeper look into core knowledge. These workshops are divided as:

  • Templates & Experiences

  • Regulation & Relationships

  • ACEs & Resilience


In these sessions, participants will discuss challenges they are facing in their work. They will collaborate and use creativity to problem solve and support one another.


Schedule a consultation with Olivia to discuss what couching is, challenges you may be facing in your work, how our program can best understand your agencies goals and adapt and tailor services to support your goals.

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Resilience Coach 
in the Early Years

Prenatal - 5yrs

Olivia Bobb

My professional career has been centered on early childhood education, early intervention, and working with families to further support children's growth and development. Throughout my work, I have developed a deep-rooted passion for trauma-informed care and the implications of it to building relationships and furthering the impact of our work in the social services field. In my free time, I enjoy running, walking my dog, and baking. 

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